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Lee's Summit, MO

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Landfill Hours: 
Mon - Fri     7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Sat                  8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Closed on the following holidays:  New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th,  Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas
          AFTER 3:30 PM M-F OR AFTER 2:30 PM ON SATURDAY

​Effective October 1, 2017 we will no longer
do load pull offs.

 Note: We do not provide trash pickup services.  Please contact a licensed solid waste hauler in your area.
Yard Waste must be separated from all other waste streams per Senate Bill 530 and is charged as a separate fee.

         All loads must be tied down, tarped or       secured or an additional $25 fee will be charged.
  This will be strictly enforced. 
General Information

  • Yard waste and trash need to be able to be separated and are charged as seperate fees.  By state law yard waste cannot be put into the landfill and trash cannot be put into the compost operation.

  • Concrete is charged by the cubic yard.

  • Dirt disposal is free as long as it is free of trash and does not have large rocks.

  • We do not require proof of residency to use the landfill or yard waste facilities.

  • Recycling fees are in addition to trash fees.  For example, if you have trash and mattresses, you will be charged two separate fees.

  • The bicycles are donated to a nonprofit who rebuild the bicycles  and provide them to the less fortunate.

  • Refrigerators/freezers MUST be empty of any food.

  • We DO NOT take dehumidifiers.

  • Children and pets MUST remain in the vehicle AT ALL TIMES for safety purposes.



Q:  Are you open when it rains or snows?
A:  Yes, we would only be closed in the event of a severe weather emergency.

Q:  Is it muddy?
A:  When it rains or snows it will get muddy.  Cars and pickups are always sent to the 
       Public Disposal Area which is on hard roads.  All of our non-paved roads are graded
        and graveled as necessary.

Q:  Will we do a "pull off" up at the landfill?
A:   No, the customer is responsible for unloading your own vehicle.   Also, please note
        that large hand unloads are not allowed after 3:30 pm M-F or after 2:30 pm on

Q:  Is there anyone to help me unload heavy items at the Public Disposal Area?
A:   No, the customer is responsible for unloading your own items.

Q:  Do you take televisions?
A:   Yes.  Older tube type TVs and computer monitors are charged as trash because they
        cannot be recycled.  Flat screen TV's and computer monitors are charged as
        electronics and recycled.

Q:  Why are mattresses so expensive if they are recycled?
A:   We use a company called Avenue for Life which strips down the items and recycles
        the components. 

Q:  How do you measure a cubic yard?
A:   Length x width x height divided by 27  (approximately the size of a washing

Q:  What kind recycling services do you provide?
A:   We  provide recycling of cardboard, metals, electronics, mattresses, and bicycles.
        Fees may apply.